keith blackshire – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Keith Blackshire, franchisee from West London said “I would have no hesitation in recommending Chrysalis after seeing the depth of the information and how it is structured for you and your client’s success. The tools, structured approach, support and expertise are absolutely excellent.  David, Clive and the team genuinely want you to succeed and go above and beyond to support you.  The Accelerate system is a must have for any business that needs a structured and well planned growth strategy – highly recommended.”

paul edwards – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Paul Edwards, franchisee from Derbyshire said “it’s a big step and it takes hard work before you generate significant income and you need to be patient and stick to the system.  The materials and systems are best in class and it’s great to be using proven strategies and systems with clients in parallel with full support from HQ”. 

steve mahony – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Steve Mahony, franchisee based in the West Midlands said “the training is fantastic and the systems are so clear and thorough it provides so many tools to each business it just can’t fail.  I would highly recommend the course, the systems and the amazing support from David and all the team”.

graham garman – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Graham Garman, franchisee based in Surrey said “I would recommend anyone thinking of a career in consulting to use Chrysalis. Totally committed to ensuring success for the partners and the value from the training is second to none.  The trainers are happy to go over all aspects as much as required until all were comfortable with the subject”.

martin strzelecki – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Martin Strzelecki, franchisee based in Cheshire said “a very professional group of people.  Excellent training that would be virtually impossible to find elsewhere.  Superb material for world class Consulting and Coaching”.

himanshu thummar – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Himanshu Thummar, franchisee based in the South East said “It is world class training, their materials and systems are second to none.”

colin mclachlan – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Colin McLachlan, franchisee from the South East said, “Chrysalis provide a comprehensive system that takes a step-by-step approach to help businesses grow. This world class approach is coupled with a support network to ensure coaches are not alone. The quality of the training is exceptional, delivered by experienced coaches with a pedigree of success. Look no further than Chrysalis if you are passionate about helping businesses to grow.”

David walker – chrysalis partner and franchisee

David Walker, franchisee based in the North West said, “Taking the step from the safety of being employed to starting your own business is daunting. Having seen the programme, I can honestly say it is very comprehensive and eye-opening, which gives you the confidence to build your business quicker.”

manish kapur – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Manish Kapur, franchisee from North London said “It was evident from the first day that the training and systems used by Chrysalis Partners are World Class. The training was enjoyable and very comprehensive and gives you all the tools and systems you will ever need to become a World Class Business Coach.  Within a week or so from leaving my previous role I had secured my first client, generated from the initial inclusive Head Office appointment program.  More recently I closed a single deal worth £6K per month”

gareth johnson – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Gareth Johnson, franchisee in Surrey said “the system represents the best practice in business growth from years of experience from the top people in the field.  The quality and depth of the material is first class.  Importantly, you leave the course with a step-by-step action plan to start building a successful business based on years of experience”.

patrick conway – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Patrick Conway, franchisee in Surrey said “it’s a fantastic opportunity if you follow the system and want to make a difference – excellent!” 

graham archer – chrysalis partner and franchisee

Graham Archer, franchisee in Hertfordshire said “for anyone thinking of joining – do it. The systems and training are World Class”.


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