How can you help my business?

We can help your business by using previously proven business models to help you gain more traction in your target markets.  Our strategies are generally no or low cost to help you drive the business forward cost effectively.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the business owners by growing profitability and improving the systems you have in place to make the business run more smoothly.

How will you engage with us during the process?

We will begin by learning what your business is all about and what are the personal goals that you are working towards.  Once we understand the overall objective, we can formulate an action plan together to drive towards the goals using our proven systems and methodologies.

What else do you offer?

We have a group of partners who are here to assist you with your business challenges.  We have experts on hand to offer advice on anything from HR to Cybersecurity, GDPR and Social Media.  We have the skills in growing businesses from almost nothing to many millions in revenue and always with strong profitability. 

Our experts also have skills in most vertical markets from Finance to Retail to IT to Distribution, etc.  If you work with Chrysalis Partners you will have hands on assistance to work on your business with your dedicated consultant coach and the strength of a powerful network of advisors available to you to assist in all areas of the business.

WHat does it cost to work with a chrysalis partners coach?

We will work with you to fit the engagement around your available budget.  We like to make the bulk of our fees from the success that we help bring to your business, therefore we do not charge huge fixed fees.  We are very affordable to work with and our first appointment with you is totally free, with no obligation to sign up to a consulting or coaching plan.

how do i know this will work for my business?

Our strategies and systems have been applied across thousands of businesses over the years and they all work.  Our systems work for all businesses and the skill of your coach will be to work closely with you to ascertain which systems will be most effective for your business.  Remember, most strategies cost little or nothing to implement, therefore if one does not work as we hoped, we’ll stop and use something else.  We have dozens of methodologies to help improve your business and all will be effective and generate more revenue over time.

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